surviving jeffery dahmer


Introduction by Eugene Watermann, M.D.

When I first saw Billy Capshaw in January of 1994, I never expected that he would play such an important part in my professional life.  He told me he was barely 17 years old when he enlisted in the United States Army in 1977, and after training as a medic, was transferred to Germany and assigned a roommate.  For 18 months that roommate dominated and tortured him, and somehow managed for him to have no assignment, no mail, no pay, and no contact with anyone except in the roommate’s presence.  The roommate was Jeffrey Dahmer.

Billy suffered severe posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms for 24 years even though he had extensive treatment including medication and psychotherapy.  In September, 2004, I began a different therapy with Billy with remarkable results. He is now free of nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks, constant pain, and extreme anxiety, and he no longer feels emotionally numb. He is enjoying life. He asked me to tell his story and particularly his course of therapy as a way of giving hope and encouragement to others who have suffered sexual and physical abuse. 

His decision to finally tell all that had happened to him was crucial in his recovery, and he wants to encourage other victims to speak up and get help.



Billy's Story


Course of Therapy


Dr. Watermann